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QuestionHos do I tell my girlfriend that she's too thick? Answer

I don’t know! Your mouth? How else do you tell someone something? Beat it, wouldya?

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QuestionPepsi or Coke? Answer


maxsitt Asked
QuestionI'm on an improv team, and everyone on the team makes fun of me. I'm pretty sure it's because they're jealous that I'm Jewish and therefore a chosen person, but I can't prove it. What should I do? Answer

Chosen? For what? Besides, what makes you think I can unravel your deep seated, arrogant, quasi Kabbilistic view of the intrinsic quality of ones soul based on their ethnicity in a way that would be meaningful to you? Get lost will ya?!

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QuestionI'm having some serious existential angst. I hate my job, but I need to eat. What the fuck should I do!? Answer

Hey everyone look! Søren Kierkegaard over here’s got a life choice to make! How the hell am I supposed to know?